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Towards Better User Experience

Imagine clicking on an ad that catches your eye while browsing online, only to find yourself on a poorly designed landing page that has little to do with what you were actually looking for. You frantically scroll up and down, searching for some semblance of relevance. After half a second, you close the tab in frustration.

When building your online presence, keep that annoyance in mind. Visitors to your site need to be able to quickly and clearly see three things: what you are offering, why they should buy and how to enquire/purchase. Without these elements, conversion rates will suffer.

The more simple and easy-to-use the user experience, the more likely your leads are to convert. This makes landing page optimization of the utmost importance. Sentient Ascend allows you to test every element of your website simultaneously, saving you time while efficiently delivering results that will help you increase conversions.

Why the user experience is vital

Visitors will make the decision about whether to remain on your page very quickly, often within seconds. Because your landing page is their introduction to your site, it needs to make a favorable impression right away. There are also functional elements that it must include, such as:
Easy navigation
Good design

Effective CTAs

Putting these elements into practice is often easier than you may think, thoughtful design of the page experience from the ground up is most important although testing variations of these elements to find the best performing combinations that impact conversion rates is made easier with tools like Sentient Ascend.

Navigation that works

The key point to effective navigation is structuring your content so it helps communicate your product’s story and provides the right visual elements to encourage visitors to reach your call-to-action. Making the site easy to navigate and creating an attractive visual design makes a significant difference.

Design that appeals

Use of visual cues will encourage visitors to continue engaging on your site. Anchor links that direct your visitors to “jump” to the next section will assist in improving engagements which lead toward conversions. Use of customer proof points, such as testimonials in written or video form, are also an important part of your page design.

Effective calls to action

Easy to see CTA buttons that follow the users as they scroll down the page are likely to lead to conversions. The placement of these buttons helps prospects take action at any point in their journey.
Using some or all of these design elements on your landing page is a key strategy to gaining conversions. The better your design, the more persuasive your page is to visitors who are still making a decision.

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