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The Philosophy of Testing – Interview with Eric Nalbone, VP of Marketing at Bellhops

“eBay can hit for contacts, but I have to hit for home runs.”

Eric Nalbone, VP of Marketing at Bellhops, was recently featured on The Optimization Podcast where he discussed his philosophy behind testing. He explains why assumptions need to be made because we’ll never have good enough data to make a definitive choice, and why we should always be testing. He also discusses his methodology behind testing, from ideation to analysis.

To hear more expert advice from Eric Nalbone, listen to our podcast below.


About Eric Nalbone

Eric Nalbone is the VP of Marketing for Bellhops, a tech-enabled moving platform, where he’s responsible for building a high-performance growth engine & world-class moving brand. Prior to his time at Bellhops, Eric spent time as the Head of Performance Marketing at Kabbage running digital customer acquisition activities and eBay managing a variety of marketing channels. Eric graduated from Princeton in 2009 with a BA in Economics and lives with his wife, two dogs, and two retired thoroughbred racehorses outside Atlanta, GA.