Multivariate testing

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Which CRO Tool to Choose–A/B, Multivariate, or AI-powered?

Getting started with conversion rate optimization (CRO) is no simple task. It involves a lot of ideation, data analysis, and website designing among other things. With a plethora of CRO methods available on the market, it can be difficult to understand not only what each method is, but what each method does. Since every company…


Sentient Presents “The Optimization Podcast: Experts in CRO and Website Testing”

Sentient is proud to present its new podcast series: “The Optimization Podcast: Experts in CRO and Website Testing.” In this series, we interview veteran website testers and CRO experts to demystify the art of website optimization. Our experts come from a variety of backgrounds, from digital marketing teams of midsize and enterprise companies, to digital…


So you think you’re a CRO whiz? Test your knowledge with our Conversion Rate Optimization Quiz!

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a discipline that has gained huge traction and attention within the digital industry in recent years. When done well, it can help you squeeze more value out of your acquisition channels, find the most effective designs for your site, sell more products and services, and increase the profitability of your…


How to keep your sales momentum rolling throughout the holidays and beyond

The run-up to the holiday season is the busiest time of year for most online retailers. But how can you ensure you don’t suffer too badly from a post-Christmas slump in sales, especially while your sales staff and marketing teams are relaxing away from the office? Online shopping is now a 24/7 experience, so there’s…


Having trouble convincing your marketing head that you need a new CRO tool? Download our CRO for CMOs Guide!

If you work in the realm of digital marketing or online retail/travel, you know first hand how important increasing your conversion rates are–whether that be online purchases, content downloads, or filled out email forms. Especially with the new fiscal year coming up, now is the time to plan and strategize for adopting new technological tools…

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