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Where Does Ascend Fit in Your CRO Process?

Whether you’re trying website testing out for the first time or you’re a seasoned website tester, Sentient Ascend can enhance your ability to test and jumpstart your conversion rate. It can augment your marketing stack, working more powerfully alongside your existing tools, or it can replace your current testing infrastructure entirely as a standalone solution.…


How Online Retailers Can Prepare for the Holiday Season Using AI

It may still be warm and sunny out, but as retailers know, the holidays will arrive before you know it and shoppers will be looking for the best online deals. The ubiquity of marketing tools available to retailers has complicated the process of preparing for the blizzard of holiday shoppers further, with a breadth personalization,…


Why Building a Culture of Experimentation is Vital to Your Online Business

In this technologically-driven age, we glorify innovations and success in every sector: electric car manufacturers rising from the pits of pessimism, virtual assistants that are practically indistinguishable from people, and neural networks trained to imagine. But the most innovative companies rely on their culture of experimentation to drive those innovations. In the world of digital…


How AI Can Help You Scale Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Doing more with less is the height of efficiency. Digital marketing is becoming more competitive every day, and as a result, digital marketers need to continually stay ahead of the curve, becoming more efficient in every respect. Artificial intelligence is making businesses more efficient, and the largest emerging trend among digital marketers is the increased…


Demystifying AI in Marketing Technology

Adopting marketing technology into your everyday processes can be a daunting task. But as more companies incorporate AI-based solutions in their strategies, marketers will need to understand what types of tools can help them remain competitive in this increasingly cutthroat digital landscape. Russ Emerson, formerly Sentient’s Head of Global Channel Development, gives an insight into…


Click for Cookies: AI and Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has risen from its slightly murky early days to be a sophisticated and powerful channel in the marketing funnel. With more understanding, strategic thinking and innovation on the side of both the affiliates and the clients, it has shaken off its controversial reputation, which owed to the early days where it was muddied…

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