Artificial Intelligence

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Evolutionary Algorithms: the Next Big Thing in Machine Learning?

Sentient Technologies Asks Experts from Industry and Academia to Weigh In Sentient Technologies, a world leader in artificial intelligence (AI) products based on evolutionary computation, today announced a new video collection — — that provides unique insights to the burgeoning AI community and business leaders around the world on the growing applicability of evolutionary…


Demystifying AI in Marketing Technology

Adopting marketing technology into your everyday processes can be a daunting task. But as more companies incorporate AI-based solutions in their strategies, marketers will need to understand what types of tools can help them remain competitive in this increasingly cutthroat digital landscape. Russ Emerson, formerly Sentient’s Head of Global Channel Development, gives an insight into…


5 Industry Use Cases for CRO

The landscape of online commerce has evolved. While the ability to sell your product is ultimately determined by the quality of your product, we live in an age of information inundation. With this new age comes new challenges for online marketers–optimizing their websites, digital storefronts, and buyer funnels for the most conversions. Conversion Rate Optimization…


Conquering Human Bias with AI: Which Idea Reigns Supreme?

Imagine entering the conference room one morning. On your left is a product manager, on your right, a UX designer. At the far end of the conference table is an executive. You’re pitching a new way to test your website designs, based on a trend of peer companies using a similar testing method. The executive,…


Click for Cookies: AI and Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has risen from its slightly murky early days to be a sophisticated and powerful channel in the marketing funnel. With more understanding, strategic thinking and innovation on the side of both the affiliates and the clients, it has shaken off its controversial reputation, which owed to the early days where it was muddied…


So you think you’re a CRO whiz? Test your knowledge with our Conversion Rate Optimization Quiz!

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a discipline that has gained huge traction and attention within the digital industry in recent years. When done well, it can help you squeeze more value out of your acquisition channels, find the most effective designs for your site, sell more products and services, and increase the profitability of your…

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