A/B testing

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Which CRO Tool to Choose–A/B, Multivariate, or AI-powered?

Getting started with conversion rate optimization (CRO) is no simple task. It involves a lot of ideation, data analysis, and website designing among other things. With a plethora of CRO methods available on the market, it can be difficult to understand not only what each method is, but what each method does. Since every company…


Website Testing: How to Get the Most Mileage from Your Existing Traffic

With the digital landscape becoming more and more competitive, businesses must go above and beyond to create the most personalized and streamlined online user experience for their customers. This is why website experimentation has become a necessity for companies to innovate and stay ahead of the competition. Digital marketers, CMOs, and product managers alike are…


Where Does Ascend Fit in Your CRO Process?

Whether you’re trying website testing out for the first time or you’re a seasoned website tester, Sentient Ascend can enhance your ability to test and jumpstart your conversion rate. It can augment your marketing stack, working more powerfully alongside your existing tools, or it can replace your current testing infrastructure entirely as a standalone solution.…


The Philosophy of Testing – Interview with Eric Nalbone, VP of Marketing at Bellhops

“eBay can hit for contacts, but I have to hit for home runs.” Eric Nalbone, VP of Marketing at Bellhops, was recently featured on The Optimization Podcast where he discussed his philosophy behind testing. He explains why assumptions need to be made because we’ll never have good enough data to make a definitive choice, and…

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