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Sentient Presents “The Optimization Podcast: Experts in CRO and Website Testing”

Sentient is proud to present its new podcast series: “The Optimization Podcast: Experts in CRO and Website Testing.” In this series, we interview veteran website testers and CRO experts to demystify the art of website optimization. Our experts come from a variety of backgrounds, from digital marketing teams of midsize and enterprise companies, to digital…


New Transparency in Facebook Ads Reveals Competitor Marketing Strategies

On Thursday, June 28th 2018, Facebook announced that it would provide greater transparency into the active ads on its platform and the companies that put them forth. Users can now view the “Info and Ads” section on the left hand column of a company’s Facebook page and find out information about that company’s page —…


Amazon Web Services Features Sentient Ascend

Sentient’s Principal Software Architect, Tyler Foster, was recently featured on an Amazon Web Services video where he outlines how Sentient uses AWS to help scale its compute architecture for Ascend. Sentient leverages AWS services like Lambda@Edge and CloudFront to provide its Ascend clients and their users with even snappier response times, delivering seamless website optimization.…


Why Building a Culture of Experimentation is Vital to Your Online Business

In this technologically-driven age, we glorify innovations and success in every sector: electric car manufacturers rising from the pits of pessimism, virtual assistants that are practically indistinguishable from people, and neural networks trained to imagine. But the most innovative companies rely on their culture of experimentation to drive those innovations. In the world of digital…


How AI Can Help You Scale Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Doing more with less is the height of efficiency. Digital marketing is becoming more competitive every day, and as a result, digital marketers need to continually stay ahead of the curve, becoming more efficient in every respect. Artificial intelligence is making businesses more efficient, and the largest emerging trend among digital marketers is the increased…


Demystifying AI in Marketing Technology

Adopting marketing technology into your everyday processes can be a daunting task. But as more companies incorporate AI-based solutions in their strategies, marketers will need to understand what types of tools can help them remain competitive in this increasingly cutthroat digital landscape. Russ Emerson, formerly Sentient’s Head of Global Channel Development, gives an insight into…


Evolutionary Design leads the way in AI Personalized Media

Here at Sentient, evolutionary computation is the science that underlies many of our products, including Sentient Ascend, our AI-powered conversion rate optimization platform. As a sequel to our article on Intro to Evolutionary Algorithms, we thought we would demonstrate other applications of evolutionary computation, especially interactive evolutionary design — the result of using evolutionary computation…


5 Common Mistakes in Website Testing and How to Avoid Them

Here at Sentient, we are well acclimated to the world of website experimentation. Whether you are a conversion specialist, marketer, or ecommerce manager, we wanted to share our take on  five common mistakes made in website testing, and how to avoid them. 1. Ending Tests Too Early If you’re not letting tests run long enough,…


More Experiments are Better

The digital world runs on testing. Online retail managers revamp the look and feel of their website to encourage more sales. Online travel companies test the CTA buttons and their flight listings to guide their customers through the booking process. Financial services companies optimize their landing pages in order to increase the likelihood that a…


Big Book of Ascend Ideas – How to Apply Ascend to Your Travel Site

“The Big Book of Ascend Ideas” is a video series dedicated to providing marketers with helpful tips and tricks for Sentient Ascend (based on our white paper of the same name). In this episode, Sam Nazari explains how Sentient Ascend can be applied to any travel site and provides helpful CRO tips and tricks that…



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