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Getting Started with Optimization — Interview with Sam Miller, Digital Consultant at Cognifide

“Keep it simple at first and have a bit of rigor in your process. This way, you know you’re testing something significant that will drive your experience forward.”

Starting a new testing program can be a daunting task for businesses that haven’t started testing yet. Sam Miller is a Digital Consultant at Cognifide, where he helps businesses get started website testing and learn how conversion rate optimization adds to their business’ value. In helping clients get started testing, Sam also helps them create organizational structures to help further increase the value of testing. To do this, he takes a deep dive into their organization to inform the way their testing program will unfold in a way that organically fits their company.

To learn more about how Sam helps companies get started optimizing, listen to the podcast below.


About Samuel Miller

Dr. Samuel Miller is a Digital Consultant at Cognifide where he advises clients on how to deliver value from technology and digital transformations. In this role, he has worked on formulating a digital platform strategy for Diageo and is currently focused on implementing a global web analytics platform for EY.

Prior to Cognifide, he worked at dunnhumby designing and building their digital recommender products for Tesco as a digital personalization analyst. He holds a PhD in the Psychology of Language and uses this lens to help deliver insights across projects.