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Demystifying AI in Marketing Technology

Adopting marketing technology into your everyday processes can be a daunting task. But as more companies incorporate AI-based solutions in their strategies, marketers will need to understand what types of tools can help them remain competitive in this increasingly cutthroat digital landscape.

Russ Emerson, formerly Sentient’s Head of Global Channel Development, gives an insight into the evolution of the marketing industry and the increasing need for marketing technology — from the early days of webmasters in the 1990s to the present day abundance of AI-based solutions that assist everything from email marketing, to lead generation, to website optimization using evolved testing platforms like Sentient Ascend. Watch and learn how evolutionary algorithms are now applied to website testing, full-funnel optimization, and autosegmentation to help companies increase conversions and online revenue.

We’ve come a long way since the days of webmasters and personas.  Watch our Webinar here to find out how AI is bringing digital marketing to the next level.