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Evolution or Revolution? How Adaptive Evolutionary Optimization Fits into the World of Experimentation

As CRO experts, we are always looking for new ways to optimize our companies’ results through experimentation. A/B testing has been the traditional coin of the realm; a very small percentage of companies that have experimentation programs use multivariate testing, generally due to lack of traffic. Along comes artificial intelligence, and with it new methods…


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So you think you’re a CRO whiz? Test your knowledge with our Conversion Rate Optimization Quiz!

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a discipline that has gained huge traction and attention within the digital industry in recent years. When done well, it can help you squeeze more value out of your acquisition channels, find the most effective designs for your site, sell more products and services, and increase the profitability of your…


Don’t Miss Out! Download our guide on Full Funnel Optimization

Want to know how to jumpstart your conversion rates on your website? In need of a makeover for your website design and user interface? Check out our guide “Getting Started with Full Funnel Optimization.” We’ll teach you how to optimize your entire website funnel so you can maximize your entire website experience—from home page, to…


5 things to get your Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving, so we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to steer you towards some of the best tactics to grow your ecommerce business in 2018. If you’re keen to impress your boss or keep your head of marketing happy, then here’s a collection of tools, tactics, and software that


Sentient Tests for the Best: 5 Benefits of Our User-Based Testing

How do big tech companies like Facebook and Instagram create groundbreaking software products? By testing of course! Products reach their prime by a process of testing, retesting, and implementation of the best features for the most enjoyable user experience. Similarly, in the world of ecommerce and online retail, websites can also be optimized through testing…

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Ad-Blocking: What marketers need to know and how to respond

Many of the world’s largest media publications, such as the New York Times and The Guardian, rely heavily on revenue from sponsored advertising. Historically, users have tolerated the practice in exchange for access to content. However in recent years, the emergence of ad-blocking software has given consumers a new found power: the ability to disable…

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