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Big Book of Ascend Ideas – How to Apply Ascend to Your Travel Site

The Big Book of Ascend Ideas” is a video series dedicated to providing marketers with helpful tips and tricks for Sentient Ascend (based on our white paper of the same name).

In this episode, Sam Nazari explains how Sentient Ascend can be applied to any travel site and provides helpful CRO tips and tricks that our AI has discovered from working with other customers. Viewers also get an exclusive look into a demo of how our product works to optimize travel sites for maximum conversions. Check out the Ascend dashboard and what it looks like to use our powerful, AI-powered conversion rate optimization tool.

Watch the video below!

We’re eager to hear your own ideas, or areas you’d like us to explore for future episodes. Please add your comments to the video or tweet @SentientDAI.

Stay tuned for further episodes in the coming weeks!