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Demystifying AI in Marketing Technology

Adopting marketing technology into your everyday processes can be a daunting task. But as more companies incorporate AI-based solutions in their strategies, marketers will need to understand what types of tools can help them remain competitive in this increasingly cutthroat digital landscape. Russ Emerson, formerly Sentient’s Head of Global Channel Development, gives an insight into…


Evolutionary Design leads the way in AI Personalized Media

Here at Sentient, evolutionary computation is the science that underlies many of our products, including Sentient Ascend, our AI-powered conversion rate optimization platform. As a sequel to our article on Intro to Evolutionary Algorithms, we thought we would demonstrate other applications of evolutionary computation, especially interactive evolutionary design — the result of using evolutionary computation…


5 Common Mistakes in Website Testing and How to Avoid Them

Here at Sentient, we are well acclimated to the world of website experimentation. Whether you are a conversion specialist, marketer, or ecommerce manager, we wanted to share our take on  five common mistakes made in website testing, and how to avoid them. 1. Ending Tests Too Early If you’re not letting tests run long enough,…


More Experiments are Better

The digital world runs on testing. Online retail managers revamp the look and feel of their website to encourage more sales. Online travel companies test the CTA buttons and their flight listings to guide their customers through the booking process. Financial services companies optimize their landing pages in order to increase the likelihood that a…


Big Book of Ascend Ideas – How to Apply Ascend to Your Travel Site

“The Big Book of Ascend Ideas” is a video series dedicated to providing marketers with helpful tips and tricks for Sentient Ascend (based on our white paper of the same name). In this episode, Sam Nazari explains how Sentient Ascend can be applied to any travel site and provides helpful CRO tips and tricks that…



Gartner Features Sentient Technologies in its Digital Marketing Transit Map

Gartner recently created a Digital Marketing Transit Map to help marketers maintain a firm grasp on digital applications, technologies, and vendors and effectively “navigate” the digital landscape. The map divides the digital landscape into business functions (neighborhoods), applications (tracks), and providers (stations) to connect the appropriate marketing tool to business need. Gartner ranked Sentient Technologies as a…


Is Technology Responsible for Increasing Inequality? Sentient CEO Takes on Verizon in a Debate

Sentient CEO Babak Hodjat recently participated in a debate against Verizon’s Rose Stuckey-Kirkat  about whether or not technology is responsible for widening the inequality gap. The debate took place at the Collision Conference in New Orleans and was mediated by Georgia Frances King from Quartz. The opening summary of the debate was as follows: “With our…


Why AI is Every Brand’s Best Friend

Everyone knows diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but what many don’t know is that artificial intelligence will soon become every brand’s best friend – especially in today’s digitized world of ecommerce, where personalization and website optimization can make or break online retail revenue. It’s no secret that the future of retail lies in ecommerce….


Sentient Expands Its Global Footprint in the Asia-Pacific Region

Korean and Australian partners to accelerate growth of Sentient Ascend, Sentient’s evolutionary conversion rate optimization solution Sentient Technologies, the world leader in artificial intelligence products based on evolutionary algorithms, announced today the expansion of its presence in Asia and Australia, with new partnerships. Sentient’s newest partners, Intralink Group for Korea and Neural Digital for Australia…



5 Industry Use Cases for CRO

The landscape of online commerce has evolved. While the ability to sell your product is ultimately determined by the quality of your product, we live in an age of information inundation. With this new age comes new challenges for online marketers–optimizing their websites, digital storefronts, and buyer funnels for the most conversions. Conversion Rate Optimization…

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